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Dear Christian Friend,

The Gospel Association for the Blind, a Christian non-profit organization whose main purpose is "to win the blind for Christ, and train and equip them to win their fellow blind." This mission is a quote from our cllarter more than fifty years ago. Since our humble beginnings, God's precious Word has been spread to the blind throughout the United States and most countries of the world. We truly minister to "the darkest of all dark missionary fields."

Please note that we have completed the building of our New Missionary Headquarters in Bunnell, Florida. Note that all correspondence should now be addressed to the Bunnell address, which is P.O. Box 1162, Bunnell, FL 32110.

Our latest project is to print tens of thousands of Braille tracts proclaiming the message of Salvation, and distributing them to unsaved blind folk around the world. Because of the wonderful Missionary Partners the Lord has provided us over the past fifty years, we have been able to purchase a Personal Computer with a Braille printer that allows us to send the message of Jesus Christ to blind folks who would otherwise never have the opportunity to hear the Word of Life.

We trust that, as you read through the brochures in this packet explaining the different aspects of our ministry to the blind, the Lord will place it on your heart to pray for us and to become one of our Missionary Partners. Because of the costs of the various services, such as our free camp for the blind and our free Braille and Cassette Circulating Libraries, more than ever we need your support in this world-reaching ministry to the blind to place the message of Jesus Christ and His simple plan of Salvation at the fingertips of those who are twice blind without a Savior. God bless you as you read through our literature and learn of the many different aspects of The Gospel Association for the Blind.

Yours that they might see,

George Montanus, President GM/jso

Remember The Gospel Association For the Blind, Inc., In Your Will.

The Gospel Association for the Blind
  P.O. Box 1162
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386)586-5885 – Fax: (386)586-5886