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The Gospel Association for the Blind, a Christian non-profit organization whose main purpose is "to win the blind for Christ, and train and equip them to win their fellow blind." This mission is a quote from our charter more than fifty years ago. Since our humble beginnings, God's precious word has been spread to the blind throughout the United States and most countries of the world. We truly minister to "the darkest of all dark missionary fields."

The Gospel Association for the Blind offers a wide range of topics such as Bible studies, biographies, fiction and current issues, science, music and many other subjects for your enjoyment. Services are free and offered in print, cassette or Braille. Downloadable audio format is coming soon!

The Gospel Association for the Blind provides a free monthly tape magazine "The Gospel Messenger". We also have a lending library filled with braille and recorded materials. Each year we sponsor a Bible centered camp.

The Gospel Association for the Blind
  P.O. Box 1162
Bunnell, FL 32110
(386)586-5885 – Fax: (386)586-5886